The Road To Beauty

The Road To Beauty

There’s always something new chase. That’s how life these days feels like, right? A fashion trend, marbled anything, faux fur loafers, the more effective diet plan, yet another ambition – the list is endless.

While we may smile as we chase…snapping and instagramming stories as we achieve our #goals, the truth is that we are all so tired of trying to keep up.

But we don’t admit it because we want to prove that we’ve got it all… that  our lives are beautiful. That we are beautiful.

Those are myths though.

The truth of the matter is that real beauty does not need to be proven, and does not need to be chased down.

To be truly beautiful, we just have to be.

Let’s rediscover beauty, shall we?

Maybe, it can be found in our dreams and your hopes. In our lips that speak words of kindness. In our hands that yearn to share. In our bodies that wear the pretty dresses…not the other way around.

In our strides that walk through hardships with strength. In our hearts that love deeply. In our souls that reflect the truth. In our decisions to live everyday with purpose.

Do you realize it now? We don’t need to chase beauty because we already are beautiful.

It may be difficult to believe, because of everything the world expects from us. But do we deserve to be measured against a standard that changing, fleeting and fake? I believe we deserve way more than that.

So put down your armor and lay down your burdens. Give yourself a rest from all the chasing. Take a long, kind look at yourself in the mirror and let out a sigh of relief.

The road to beauty starts within.


By Deanne Dimacali


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