SEPTEMBER 2019 Downloadable

SEPTEMBER 2019 Downloadable
Hello, Coral girls!

Have you ever felt like you weren't enough or that what you're doing isn't enough?

To feel lacking is probably one of the most common things our generation struggles with (so much that sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves to rest!), given the pressures of society, social media, and many other factors. And so this month, we chose this quote because we want to remind you that yes, you are enough.

And this doesn't mean being complacent and not doing anything anymore to grow or improve yourself. We want to remind you that being enough means that you are blessed with a unique set of gifts that only you have, and that only you can harness to create even greater things.

It's all about finding your own niche and embracing it; instead of competing, being envious of what others have, or second-guessing yourself because you feel that you are lacking. So remind yourself everyday: you are enough ;)

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