Maternity Swimsuits You'll Actually Want To Wear From Coral Swimwear

Maternity Swimsuits You'll Actually Want To Wear From Coral Swimwear
You’ll love these super comfy, stylish options!

When you're a woman of the tropics—and expecting—nine months without the beach or the pool can be difficult. Not to mention the benefits of being by the water! When you're pregnant, you're often told to rest as much as possible (in preparation for the sleepless nights to come, of course), and what better way to relax and unwind than by the beach?

Coral Swimwear is a brand that’s founded and run by moms Pat and Margaux, who are true beach-lovers themselves. And with Pat having recently just given birth to her third angel (just this month!), Margaux, who is the brand's designer, thought it was the perfect time to create a maternity line for moms-to-be.

Staying true to the core priorities of the brand—comfort, coverage, and style, Coral Swimwear adapts the same design principles into its first-ever maternity collection. 

"Why not just buy a bikini, right?" Pat says, "But many expectant moms, like myself, aren't comfortable showing off their growing bellies… reasons include new stretch marks, weight gain, or even the linea negra. And while these changes are nothing to be ashamed of, we simply feel more comfortable and confident with more coverage," she adds.

Being moms themselves, Pat and Margaux always have these mama-concerns in mind, which the duo believes is the core reason that other moms resonate with the brand.

"The beauty of the styles is that it expands and adjusts to your growing belly. From as early as three months, expectant moms will be able to wear it until nine months," shares Margaux. With side shirring, smocking techniques, and quality fabric that's both comfy and breathable, moms-to-be can look and feel good in the newest Coral Swimwear Maternity line.

"Think of it as your basic preggy swimsuit," says Margaux. "Or if you have a beach event to attend, you can wear the two-piece styles as a top. You'll feel stylish and comfy, too," she adds.

The ZIA is a one-piece style with a tie-front detail on the top area, that can be adjusted according to bust size. It comes in three colors: black, mauve, and jade. The two-piece LEORA, available in black and teal, has a smocking detail on the hips and bust, and comes with ruffled straps that can be worn on or off the shoulder. Pair the top with roomy trousers or a flouncy skirt, and it's instantly event-ready! Then there’s the CIANA off-shoulder one-piece, available in black and teal, which makes use of smocking techniques on the bust and side-shirring on the bottom for an extra stretch.

“At the end of the day, we simply want moms to feel good through all phases of womanhood and motherhood,” concludes Pat. “And we believe that should be applicable to finding the right swimwear during pregnancy, too!”

Coral Maternity is exclusively available online at

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