JANUARY 2019 Downloadable

JANUARY 2019 Downloadable

The New Year means a fresh start and an entire 365 days to fill with stories and memories. What will YOU make of it?

This month, we urge you to start the year right, and according to how you'd like your year to unfold.
Are you planning more beach trips to fill your soul or your Instagram feed? (No problem if it's both! ;))
Are you plotting out a new routine that allows more me-time for you? (You don’t need to feel guilty about that! Remember, that you can’t pour out from an empty cup!)
Are you finally saying yes to that side gig you've always wanted to try but were afraid to do so? (Go for it! No harm in just trying!)

Be it small or monumental changes at work, your personal life, spiritual life, or with your family, we hope it's something that comes really from your heart. There may be sacrifices and risks to take, but if it’s what you are meant to do, then all is worth it. Take time to think and pray about it. Dive deep into your heart's desires and make this year one where you stay true to what matters to you.


1. Download wallpaper designs on your desktop or mobile. (DOWNLOAD LINK)
2. Set the design as your wallpaper. It's that easy! 

The Coral Swimwear Team

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