Give the Gift of Coral Swimsuit

Give the Gift of Coral Swimsuit

Three reasons to give a Coral swimsuit this Christmas?

1. Your friend or loved one will feel confident, beautiful, and safe (all our designs provide comfort and full coverage!) without worries about being exposed.
2. A great outfit always makes a vacation more fun!
3. Consider it a gift that reminds her that she deserves to slow down, take a break, and enjoy nature! ;)

Here we've rounded up a list of our best picks, but of course you're free to view the rest of the website to view all our designs!


Less is more for your BFF who likes simple and classic solid-hued and dark-colored swimsuits.

Our faves: the QUINN in deep wine with a cute front-tie detail, the BLACK CURRANT with a unique silhouette and laced-up back closure, and the EVE in teal, a classic swimsuit we consider a staple!


For your sister who sticks to stripes, polka dots, and gingham prints that'll never go out of style, we've made our designs even more fun for her!

The SAVANNAH and ELLIE are classics with a retro-inspired twist; while the COSTA V.2 comes from our collab collection with Andi & Olivia Manzano, which you can request to be made for you or whoever you plan to gift it to!


We all have that sun-loving friend who's perennially on the beach! Show her your love and support with our tropical-designed swimsuits.

We recommend: the LILLIA with a sea-inspired pastel print, the colorfully striped PIÑA COLADA with ribbon tie straps, and the off-shoulder ARPINA.

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