Conversations With The Moms of Coral Swimwear

Conversations With The Moms of Coral Swimwear

It's no secret that our brand is one that is founded, led, and run by mothers--and proudly so! And so this Mother's Day, we decided to turn the spotlight on the moms behind our brand. Sensitive, emotional, creative, strong, kind, intuitive, nurturing--these are what our Coral mamas are made of!

Coral founders Pat and Margaux are quick to admit that it’s not easy being working moms, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Owning a business, after all, allows them to prioritize and work around the schedules of their children, instead of the other way around...when the season permits. Together, they have been growing their families and their sister brands Coral Swimwear and Pearl Clothing side by side. 

“We started Coral when my first born was a baby and I am amazed at how both the business and our families have grown since then. Seeing my daughters at a stage where they’re so interested in the world, learning and asking many questions...I begin to see their personalities coming out and see glimpses of their character and it really fills my heart,” shares Pat, whose daughters are three and four years old. “They really inspire me and make me very aware about what I do and what I say, knowing that how I live my life has an impact on them. It’s actually a lot of responsibility on my end,” she adds

As their families inspire them to do their best at work, entrepreneurship gives Pat and Margaux the outlet to be creative, develop their leadership, constantly learn new things through the business. “I love being able to share with my family what it means to work hard, stay true to your values, and pursue your dreams. Because one day I also hope they will do the same,” shares Margaux, a mom of two young boys.

Taking on the role of being the “mothers” of the team, whom they consider their second family, Pat reveals, “It comes with a natural sense of wanting to nurture and take care of their team, and also allowing their sense of woman--sensitivity, gentleness, understanding, patience. But it must also be a balancing act.”

Likewise, Magaux shares that being the “mother” in the business also taught her the need for tough love, at times, in order for her to be able to teach her team the right work ethics and skills. Because at the end of the day, their employees aren’t just employees… sewers aren’t just sewers--but women with their own dreams, own skills and talents to contribute, and own families to provide for and draw inspiration from.

"We want them to love their work, find value in their work, while still being family-centered. This is also why we chose to put up our office near the sewers, so they can have more time for their personal lives and families,” says Margaux.

True to the core values of Coral Swimwear, Pat and Margaux have always made it a point to treat their staff with dignity, pay them fairly, and provide them with a pleasant working environment. “We want each individual to be treated with dignity, for them to be empowered, and embrace all facets of their roles as working women and mothers.”

Meet the Sewers 

Tell us about your experience of working for Coral Swimwear. :) 

“Ang gusto ko dito maganda yung pag trato dito, may tiwala sila sa amin, may kapwa, saka mabait,” (What I like about working here is how they treat us well, they trust us with our work, there is teamwork and togetherness, and they are kind) shares Ate Glo, who is the head of production and has been with Coral since day one. While she specializes in gowns, it was Margaux who urged her to give swimsuits a try. And the rest is history!

“Hindi paspasan yung trabaho,” (We are given ample time to produce quality work) says Milagros, who used to work in a large garments factory where they had to meet a daily production quota. Her daughter is twenty-two and has a job in agriculture. Milagros takes pride in having a job of her own, as her daughter focuses on her career.

“Goal ko mabilihan ko yung anak ko ng laptop,” (My goal is to be able to buy my kid a laptop) says Cristina, who shares that salary and the fair demand of work are the main reasons why Cristina decided to work at Coral. While three of her kids are already working, she is still sending one to school.

“Mas magaan yung loob ko pumasok kasi hindi ako na-stress sa biyahe,” (I feel good coming to work because I’m no longer stressed out by the commute) shares Rosalina. The far commute was the main reason she left her previous job. “May relax time rin kami,” (We are given time to take breaks) she adds with a smile. What she loves about the work is that she is able to give baon or allowance to her youngest child, who is six years old. “Hindi naman pwedeng i-asa lahat sa asawa,” she says. “Dapat may sarili ka rin.” (You can’t just rely everything on your husband. It’s better to have your own source of income, too).

“Trato namin dito parang pamilya narin kami kaya gusto ko sana na araw-araw pumapasok,” (Here, we are treated like family, which is why I’d love to work here everyday) says Renalyn, who helps out the production team only when it gets busy. She proudly shares that because of her income, she’s able to buy Khyl what he wants: “chocolates o kaya pagkain.” (chocolates or food)


Happy Mother’s Day to you! We thank you for being part of our community and we hope you liked knowing more about our Coral mamas. This month’s wallpaper is all about embracing your feminine genius and all the mama traits you are gifted with.


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