5 Ways to Make Your Next Beach Trip More Meaningful and Memorable

5 Ways to Make Your Next Beach Trip More Meaningful and Memorable

If you live in the city, a weekend beach trip is always a welcome escape from the chaos of urban life. There's nothing quite like the salty smell of the sea, the fresh air, and what seems to be an endless horizon of blue to renew a weary and anxious spirit.

Here are Coral Swimwear's 5 ways to make your next beach trip more meaningful and memorable:

Leave your phone behind. While the temptation to gather a lot of likes from a killer sunset selfie shot may be real, why not do a social media detox and just be in the moment for a change? You'll be surprised at what you'll be able to remember about a special day even without an IG worthy photo.

Journal. Because who has the time to do it on a regular day? Take advantage of the scenic views and allow yourself to be inspired by nature. Write, write, write anything and everything that's on your mind. By putting your thoughts on paper, you'll be able to clear your mind and make space for creative ideas that are sure to serve you later in the week. 

Plan a picnic. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Organize a simple potluck with friends (ask them to bring their best and favorite dishes), open up a bottle of wine, and enjoy a rare and intimate meal on the shore. The fact that you're all together is enough of a reason to celebrate.

Organize a beachside sports fest. Feeling competitive? Got some energy to burn? Nothing beats a sandy session of frisbee, beach volleyball or football to get those endorphins going. You'll be able to check that “weekend workout” off your list too! ;)

Read a book. Allow your beautiful and peaceful surroundings help you to thoroughly immerse yourself in that book you've been meaning to make time for. Then it will almost be like you travelled to two places over the weekend!


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